Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy Service

Swedish Massage is sometimes called “the classic massage” as the techniques used are the most common and best suited for people interested in the relaxation benefits of massage as well as tension relief. Swedish massage is a gentler massage type than a deep tissue massage, but still loosens up the muscles and tension we accumulate in everyday life. This can include the lower back, shoulders, neck, and other areas of the body depending on your needs.

During your Swedish massage, techniques such as kneading, and stationary circular movements, also known as effleurage and petrissage massage. Typically, Swedish massages involve the whole body and last 45 to 60 minutes but the attention to different areas of your body and length of time will adjust to your needs. Get in touch to discuss what massage therapy service is best for based on your personal needs with my help!

Swedish Massage

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