Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Service

Our hot stone massages include the use of smooth, therapeutic heated stones. During your massage, healing stones are placed on specific areas for muscle relaxation and stress relief. Heated stones of various weights and sizes are used depending on your needs. For optimal relief, just the right amount of pressure is applied within your comfort-zone.

Heated stones in hot stone massages come from varying origins, but our clients enjoy the use of Basalt River Stones which are naturally smooth from aging in river currents. Depending on your needs, heated stones are brought to a temperature range between 130 and 145 degrees F in a professional stone heater before application.

Hot Stone Massage Technique

What is a Basalt Stone?

Basalt is a common rock type that is formed by volcanic lava and can be found all over the Earth’s surface. Basalt stones are very fine because of the rapid-cooling of lava when they were formed. The type of stone used in massages come from mountain rivers, and are naturally smooth from the river currents shaping them over time. The stones are gray in color originally, but they appear black after being treated with massage lotions & oils which makes the fine grain surface even smoother. The basalt stone’s ability to retain heat for hours makes them the perfect conduit for heated massage therapy techniques.

Basalt Stones in Hot Stone Massage

What are the benefits of a Hot Stone Massage?

Depending on the individual needs of a client, the application of hot stones can be used for soothing, stress relieving relaxation or for the relaxation of specific muscles when heat is applied. The heat from hot stones allow for deeper massage techniques with less pressure applied by your therapist. Certain area of the body welcome more heat that others, such as the back and feet, while areas like the legs and arms may be at a lower temperature. The stones can be placed or used in techniques such as circular motions, sliding motions, vibrating, tapping, and kneading. Some of the benefits include:

Muscle Tension & Pain Relief:

Hot stone massage can show it’s benefits in many different ways of relieving muscle tension and pain. One area it has been shown to be particularly effective is clients with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders. Hot stone, among other techniques, can lessen pain and improve range of motion.

Joint Health & Decreased Muscle Spasms:

Reduced muscle tension is known to lead to better joint health and flexibility. This can also help with reduced inflammation to easy muscle spasms and pain. For certain individuals with joint disorders, hot stone massage can show particularly beneficial.

Anxiety, Stress Relief & Sleep:

As a massage therapist I find that when one area of someone’s wellness is improved, it typically carries over into others effecting everyday life. Whether or not your needs are physical in nature, treating yourself to a massage is a proven method to relieve anxiety, stress, and improve sleep. Get in touch today with any questions you have!

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